Refund Policy

Refund policy depends on a few things. If we cancel because of the weather we would try to rebook your tour but if your not available we will provide a full refund. If you cancel we need 24 hour advance notice and full refunds. If less then 24 hour notice we would like to try to get you out on the water in the future since we don’t collect monies untI’ll weather is cleared it’s nice to at least reschedule your tour for the fact that we could of booked your spots with others and the hauling and retrieving of our kayaks. We will honor all rain checks even if you transfer them to family and friends. We follow strict permit guidelines with the National lakeshore park service so hauling of kayaks are done hours prior to your schedule tour. If we can rebook your spot no problem full refund but if you leave us less then 24 hours notice it’s hard to do. If you are a no show no call. No refund. But we will always give you the chance to rebook even then. But fees are involved and our time and energy so hopefully we can work something out or only 50 percent total price returned.